Hello all! Our move to DreamWidth is almost complete! Please make sure you have access to the following communities:

Game 6 is opening May 1st! Please help to promote FFLand to recruit new members~!

We will no longer be updating livejournal (If mods would like to cross-post to LJ from DW they are welcome to do so but I will not be enforcing it so it is up to the mod's discretion). The only cross-posts will be in airship_lounge where our lovely reminder-poke-poke mods Breyzy and Yin will post their reminder posts (links will be to DW community)!

If you've any questions please comment here!

Game 6 Mod Applications

Hi all! This is a post for mod applications for next game -- Game 6, which will probably be held over at Dreamwidth. We've got one position open here:

Minigames mod
- Responsible for running minigames: planning and running an activity, tallying and giving out points and gil respectively, reporting those numbers, ideally we want to have about 2 or 3 minigames running at a time. You will be working with two other co-mods (the_404_error and lightofeilia. Toffeethesnob will be a Ultima-Arena co-mod in Game 6)

If you're interested, leave your name and why you think you can help us :)

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After discussing it in the mod comm, all the mods agreed that bringing up a new "should we move to DW poll?" is a good idea given lj's... everything. Moving to Dreamwidth was brought up before, but was struck down since it was a draw. (Lol, I was in the "let's not" category and my opinion certainly changed after lj seems to be pushing people away.)

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Game 5 End

Hello all! Just making an announcement that Game 5 will be ending on February 28th. Do try and rack up those points while you can! The alliances are neck and neck at this point. Keep it up!



We've made some changes so that reminders are now done in airship_lounge instead of respective team communities. Please contact breyzyyin with your email address if you would like to be on the mailing list (for those of you who don't have the time to check LJ that often)

Please help to promote ff_land if you can! <3

WE ARE URGENTLY IN NEED OF SOMEONE TO CREATE BANNERS FOR OUR NEW ALLIANCES: BLACK MAGES + THIEVES VS THE OTHER TEAMS I'M TOO LAZY TO TYPE OUT. We need them for point updates (I think we only need one for each alliance.) If you would like to volunteer, just let me know here!

Poll results, alliances + members cut

The poll is now closed, and I think everyone can see the results? Not too sure. Anyway, it was 10 yes, 8 not sure but willing to try, and 1 no. So.. the alliances will be Black Mages + Thieves versus White Mages + Monks + Soldiers + Dragoons.

I'll be removing people from their previous alliances and re-adding them so be prepared for a bunch of LJ notifs, heh.

On a side note four members have been contacted regarding low participation and they've not responded, so they're being cut :( As before, however, if you missed the PM for whatever reasons and decide that you'd like to join again, all is needed is a PM or a comment somewhere to let me know. We don't demand participation but we definitely remove members who aren't earning points so that we get an idea of the team sizes.

Aaaaand Game 5 starts tomorrow!