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22 January 2011 @ 03:14 pm
FAQ | Start here!  
1. Overview
2. Communities
3. Mod Team
4. Earning Points
5. Activity Requirement
6. Alliances
7. Gil System
8. Tag Banners
9. Restamping
10. Calendar
11. Complaints, Issues, Etc.

This community is a mix of a stamping game and a team challenge community, in the format of westerosorting and its parents, comms such as hogwarts_elite.

To start, join & watch ff_land and ff_classchange. Then fill out and submit an application at ff_classchange. If you want more info, that community has help posts for applying as well as stamping.

But that's only the beginning! From then on you'll be able to participate in various games and contests, as well as post your fanworks for points. The point of this community is basically:

1. Have fun in various contests.
2. Meet fellow Final Fantasy fans, make friends, be FF geeks together, etc.
3. Produce and share awesome fanworks (fanart, fanfiction, icons/graphics, etc.)

We do not have an activity requirement here, but it is recommended that even if you don't have the time to participate in challenges, you at least comment on others' posts every so often, cheer on your team, etc.


ff_land: This is the main community. Membership is open, and here mods will post any announcements (e.g. point updates, rule changes, reminders, etc.) related to Final Fantasy Land.
ff_classchange: This is the stamping community. Go here as a first step to get assigned to a team. Other than these first two communities, all other communities are CLOSED and you will need to be stamped to be invited to them.
judge_magisters: This is the community for FF Land's mod team. Here is where the mods coordinate and plan activities.

airship_lounge: A social community where you can interact with all members of FF Land. Posts should be general interest. You may post promos, within reason.
ultima_arena: This is the community where contests and challenges will be regularly posted. Entries to these challenges will be screened and then voted on. Winners of these contests will earn a large amount of points for their team.
moogle_workshop: A place where you can post fanworks (icons, art, fic, vids, etc.) at any time for a small amount of points.
ff_minigames: A place for random games and activities, which give out points as well.
ff_eventsquare: A comm for special events, which are all open to the public.

There are six team communities where members can socialize with their team, cheer each other on, plan team strategy, etc. Only people who have been stamped with a class can view that team comm's entries.
mythril_swords: Team comm for Soldiers
curaga_casters: Team comm for White Mages
firaga_casters: Team comm for Black Mages
gil_stealers: Team comm for Thieves
raging_fists: Team comm for Monks
heavenly_lances: Team comm for Dragoons

Mod Team
Main Mods: arivess, lightofeilia, sunflower_mynah, xinnk
Stamping Mod: the_404_error

Social Mods: sunflower_mynah & sai_salamander
Contests Mods: chacusha & xinnk
Fanworks Mods: sunflower_mynah, breyzyyin (Yin), & chacusha
Minigames Mods: arivess & lightofeilia

Soldiers Mods: breyzyyin (Breyzy)
White Mages Mods: breyzyyin (Yin)
Black Mages Mods: virago_queen
Thieves Mods: aeriiths
Monks Mod: fromherashes
Dragoons Mod: regann

Go here to learn more about mod positions.

Earning Points
How to earn points in this community:
• Sorting people at ff_classchange
• Participating in activities at ff_minigames and contests at ultima_arena
• Posting fanworks in moogle_workshop
• Referring people to the comm

Here's a detailed guide by community of how to earn points and how many points you can earn:

• Stamping an app = 10 points
• Getting mentioned as a referrer in an app = 60 points

• Voting in visual contests or contests that require minimal reading = 5 points
• Voting in fiction and essay contests (contests that require a significant amount of reading) = 10 points
• Voting in long fiction contests (requiring 10K+ words of reading) = 15 points
• Making banners = 10 points per banner
• Submitting a contest entry = a small amount of participation points; refer to challenge post
• Winning = a large amount of points; refer to challenge post

• A detailed write-up can be found here

• See activity post; it varies from activity to activity

Activity Requirement
Here at ff_land we do not have an activity requirement. We won't cut you from your team if you don't participate in anything for X weeks. That said, we do have an expectation that you will give our activities a try when you join, and that you be active where possible. Any of the following counts as "being active":

• Doing anything that earns points for your team (see above)
• Participating in discussions in airship_lounge, interacting with other members
• Cheering on your team
• Commenting on fanworks

If you do at least one of the above, you will be considered an active member here. :)

Alliances are a system that may go into effect during games. Under this system, the six teams of ff_land are paired up into alliances and the teams in each alliance work together to get the most points. The team comms themselves are also "combined" by making each team non-posting members of the other team. New members will be sent out invitations to both their home team comm and their allied team comm. Alliances change each game, and whether we do alliances is determined by member vote.

The alliances for Game 4 are: [...].

Gil System
The gil system was started in Game 2 and was created as a way to reward people individually for being active and participating, even in not-for-points ways. Under this system, you earn gil by participating in minigames, contests, and discussions, or by posting or commenting on fanworks. That gil can then be spent in various ways such as at shops where you request fanworks from fellow members, or for making a moogle_workshop-wide request. People get bonus points for filling requests made this way.

Gil is entirely separate from game points. It's something that belongs to each member individually and can be spent/depleted, unlike game points.

You earn gil in the following ways:

• 100 gil for sorting an app
• 100 gil for participating in an ff_minigames activity
• 100 gil for participating in an ultima_arena contest (either by voting or entering)
• 100 gil for making banners for a UA contest
• 100 gil for posting or commenting on fanworks in MWS (up to 200 gil per week)
• 100 gil for posting or commenting in AL (up to 300 gil per week)
• You also earn 10% of the purchase price for filling a request someone asked of you. This is handled slightly differently with MWS-wide requests.

Tag Banners
Tag banners (also called sigtags, sigs, etc.) are a small image people sometimes put at the bottom of their comments to identify who they are and what team they belong to. You can make your own tag banner at any point in the game, or ask someone to make one for you, but keep these guidelines in mind:

Tag banners have a max height of 200 pixels. Please do NOT go over this height because it means people have to do more scrolling. The max width is 350 pixels, although this is more flexible. If your tag banner is wider than 350 px but significantly less tall than 200 px, most likely no one will notice/mind. Be reasonable with your tag banner sizes. (Tag banners with smaller dimensions than 350x200 are of course allowed.)

Tag banners must include (1) your name or username, and (2) your team. Your team must be legible so as to help mods quickly see what team you're on for giving points and such.

You can use any image you like for your banner. The image doesn't have to be of a character from the class you've been sorted into. They don't even have to be Final Fantasy-related at all. Just be sure that you put your team on the banner, though, to avoid confusion!

Tag banners can be used in any place that asks for you to include your team name as a replacement for writing your team (voting on applications, minigame and contest activities, etc.). Some mods will award a bonus point for using tag banners at their discretion. If so, it'll be stated in the post.

For those who feel strongly that they were put on a team they don't associate with / cannot be enthusiastic about, there will be a chance to restamp but only between games, and only with a special restamping app.

When the restamping app is posted, you can fill it out and either post it to the comm directly or email it to finalfantasylandmod@gmail.com for it to be posted anonymously.

Votes on restamping apps do NOT get points, since restamping is a between-game activity. Voting does get you gil, though.

FF Land has its own calendar where due dates are added. It can be viewed here. You can add individual events to your calendar and get email notifications by clicking on the event and selecting "copy to my calendar»", or you can add the whole calendar by clicking on the "+ Google Calendar" button in the bottom-right.

Complaints, Issues, Etc.
If you have a complaint, an issue, or see a way for this community to be improved, let us know at this post.